Listen, act, celebrate, repeat.

Alpaca's Educator Celebration Program

Our simple, delightful system makes teacher engagement and recognition simple.

"We do the surveys as a team and then give away Alpaca Celebration Packs to teacher who nominate each other - it's a great system!"

- Illinois Principal using Alpaca

Start with our School Staff Survey.

Supporting your staff is easy when you know what motivates each individual! Start with our FREE survey to get personalized profiles for every staff member, so you can support them well!

Use Alpaca’s pulse surveys to check in.

Know how your staff is doing every month, in their own words! With our pulse survey platform, school leaders get a monthly report with actionable wellbeing insights & resources to try out.

Recognize and celebrate with Alpaca Packs.

Get 5-10 care packages delivered to your building each month to reward and recognize a few of your incredible staff each month. We’ll make it easy and fun!

See real wellbeing wins.

Alpaca’s gifts feel like a celebration, but are backed by true drivers of teacher wellbeing and retention.

Let’s build your educator celebration program!

Get a demo to see how it works and get more information on pricing.

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