One minute to real insights.

Get a pulse on teacher wellbeing with a survey built just for educators.

Alpaca is the simplest way to understand teacher wellbeing with a super fast survey, once a month. You're less than a minute away from happier educators.

“I will immediately put this data to work in my principal coaching visits.”

- Principal

“We do the surveys as a team and then give away Alpaca Celebration Packs to teachers who nominate each other - it’s a great system!”


“This is the most clear and actionable data that we’ve seen about our teachers.”

District Office, Principal Supervisor

What words would your teachers use to describe work?

Happy teachers feel heard and celebrated! Hear from your teachers in their own words, so that you can celebrate and support them in meaningful ways.

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Why Alpaca Pulse?


What is a pulse survey?

A pulse survey is a very short set of questions that you ask your team on a regular basis to get the “pulse” on how they’re doing and what they need. Ask a few key questions each month and report back to the team on the results -- it’s a small but mighty tool for team morale!

Why does Alpaca use words instead of 1-5 scales?

Being an educator is complicated! So Alpaca uses a research-backed method called semantic scale surveys to give your team real words to choose from, instead of a 1-5 scale. You’ll know the real words your teachers use to describe their experience, to give you a full picture!

What do I do with the results?

Each month, you’ll get a simple survey report with areas to celebrate and areas for focus. Plus, three Alpaca resources for teacher wellbeing based on your team’s answers. Our resources are focused specifically on fun ideas for teacher wellbeing, and they’re built by real teachers!