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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

Your secret to awesome teacher recognition

Delightful deliveries as often as you like.

Alpaca offers three levels of carefully curated supply offerings that are delivered directly to your teachers classroom on a monthly basis.

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More than 1,000

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Celebration Packs
or $150/month

A one-time pack for every staff member. Easily the simplest way to reward and celebrate your educators!

Recognize and reward every educator in your building at least once this year. Perfect for handing out as special recognitions.

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5-Pack Support System
or $750/month

Five packs for every staff member. Supplies and appreciation, right when your educators need it most!

Delightfully surprising packs that arrive at school in August, October, December, February, and May — right when teaching can feel the toughest!

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Year-Round Delight
or $1,250/month

10 packs, one for every staff member, for every month of the year. Ongoing monthly support for every educator in your building.

These packs aim to provide recognition for educators,  and expressing gratitude for their hard work and dedication in the classroom.

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1x a year, 5x a year, or 10x a year, we’re here to make this as easy as possible for you to celebrate and support your educators.

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How to pay for alpaca

You don’t have to do it alone.

Your custom support page lets parents and businesses sponsor Alpaca for your school. Every dollar stays at your school, and Alpaca handles all the technology (and all those pesky fees!).

Engage Your Community

Use your school’s unique landing page to rally your community behind you through parent subscriptions and business sponsorships.


Utilize your PTA or PTO to help you fundraise and get Alpaca packs to your educators.

Sponsor Network

Our sponsorship network matches companies with schools who need support.

Gear, Goodies, and Gratitude

Our teacher-designed packs are the perfect combination of useful supplies, thoughtful gifts, and heartfelt appreciation.

Packed with teachers favorite brands.

Teachers a Alpaca

We hear from teachers every month how much the packs mean to them, and how supported they feel by their districts and community. Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself!

Genevieve Core

Genevieve Core

Principal, Nelson Mandela Elementary

My teaching staff feels so special and excited when they receive the monthly supplies! As soon as they come in the staff loves to get the word to come and pick up their gifts!

Angela Whitfield

Angela Whitfield

Principal, All Saints Catholic School

The teachers at the CUES schools support families in some of our community's most underserved neighborhoods. Their work goes beyond the classroom to support our students and their families in so many ways. It's absolutely wonderful to be able to give that support back to our teachers every month with Alpaca!

Brittany Sullivan

Brittany Sullivan

Principal, Norris Elementary School

Our teachers are the heart and soul of what we hope to provide students within education. Alpaca is a new way to spotlight the amazing work our teachers do everyday with students and helps us celebrate their pivotal role in our schools and community in a joyful (and easy) way!

CUES School System

CUES School System


We love seeing the excitement@alpacapacks Day brings to our teachers and students each month.

Kelsi Finley

Kelsi Finley


As an MSPI momma, it was great to get a pack with all the snacks and goodies dairy and soy free!!! This pack was amazing!

Westbrook 66

Westbrook 66


Our @alpacapacks came today! Thanks, again, to McGill Restoration for the support.

Mrs. Dirks

Mrs. Dirks


So excited for the school year to start and so grateful for alpaca for the amazing package to start the year off! 🤩

Skylar Jilg-Brown

Skylar Jilg-Brown


I love seeing my alpaca pack in my mailbox😍 come with me while I unbox this months!Thank you so much @alpacapacks 🍎

Jenna Rice

Jenna Rice


I love it when I see those little creative “Alpaca” packages. You just never know what surprises will be waiting inside. This month it was this awesome to-go warming bowl, chai oatmeal, teas, unique throat lozenges, and of course a few special chocolates but I ate those within an hour of my crazy day. Thank you so much #alpacapacks. You make hard days manageable.

A Latere Academy

A Latere Academy


Thank you, Alpaca! Our teachers and staff ARE amazing! If you'd like to learn more about what Alpaca does and how to support our incredible ALA team, please check out the linked post!