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Pulse Surveys

$35 per teacher, per year

or $150/month

Our monthly teacher survey with a simple report each month. Plus, access to free resources and ideas to support and celebrate your team!

Monthly mobile-first surveys

Emailed data report each month

Quarterly check-in to review results

Non-certified staff participate FREE!

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$25 per pack

or $750/month

Teacher recognition has never been easier! Reward your whole team once, or reward a few teachers every month. A new pack is available monthly!

Each beautiful pack includes:

Helpful supplies & teacher favorites

Snacks & wellbeing items

Resources & ideas for wellbeing  

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Pulse + Packs

Combine and save!

or $1,250/month

Alpaca works best as a complete system! Combine our monthly pulse surveys with a few packs each month to reward your team.

Packs that match your survey results!

School-level & district level insights

Customize a system for your budget!

Districtwide discounting available

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How to pay for alpaca

You don’t have to do it alone.

Your custom support page lets parents and businesses sponsor Alpaca for your school. Every dollar stays at your school, and Alpaca handles all the technology (and all those pesky fees!).

Engage Your Community

Use your school’s unique landing page to rally your community behind you through parent subscriptions and business sponsorships.


Utilize your PTA or PTO to help you fundraise and get Alpaca packs to your educators.

Sponsor Network

Our sponsorship network matches companies with schools who need support.

Gear, Goodies, and Gratitude

Our teacher-designed packs are the perfect combination of useful supplies, thoughtful gifts, and heartfelt appreciation.

Download our pricing document to share with your team.

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Can I get the surveys or the packs alone?

Yes! Every school and district is different. Start with the solution that works for you, or get in touch to design a solution that supports your team the best.

Our teachers are surveyed out. How do we get great participation with Alpaca?

We make participation fun! First, our surveys are mobile friendly and built so a teacher can complete it in the time it takes to walk from their classroom to their car. Second, Alpaca brings you back shareable data to show teachers that you’re listening, which drives participation. And finally, you can use Alpaca Packs as part of your recognition program to incentivize participation.

How will I pay for this?

Districts and schools can use Title II funds, educator retention budgets, professional development dollars. Plus, Alpaca's per teacher costs for an entire year are less than a single average substitute teacher day.

Can this actually improve teacher wellbeing?

Yes. Alpaca’s surveys, resources, and packs are all based on five evidence-based drives on teacher wellbeing. From the research, we know teachers have a greater sense of well-being when they have:
Collaborative relationships at school
1. A school culture focused on excellence and growth
2. Families and community partners engaged in their school culture
3. Support for their physical, mental, and emotional wellness
4. Principals who are great people leaders.

More questions? Reach out - we’d love to help!

“I will immediately put this data to work in my principal coaching visits.”

- Principal Supervisor

“We do the surveys as a team and then give away Alpaca Celebration Packs to teachers who nominate each other - it’s a great system!”

- Illinois Principal using Alpaca

“This is the most clear and actionable data that we’ve seen about our teachers.”

- District Administrator using Alpaca in their district