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5 Ways Principals Make Alpaca Day Great!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

We love hearing from principals about the ways they surprise and delight your teams with their monthly Alpaca packs! Each of our packs is a little gift from the community to a teacher (complete with handwritten thank you note!), so giving them to teachers can be an amazing experience that makes them feel loved and special.

Why send out an email saying “your Alpaca packs are here — come get ‘em!” when you can create an awesome experience for your teachers with these monthly gifts? Here are five fun ideas we’ve heard from Alpaca principals that we LOVE! Try one out and let us know how it goes! 

1. Make Alpaca delivery an incentive for your students.

So many principals have shared that they choose a “special delivery partner” each month — kids who earn an incentive to help the principal pass out packs classroom by classroom. Kids LOVE the experience and teachers love to receive gifts from kids who feel so proud to give them. We love seeing these!

2. Host a supply swap!

One Alpaca school came up with a great idea — a supply swap! Sometimes, teachers need more of one item in our packs, and less of another. So teachers got together before a staff meeting with their packs, and traded for the items they needed the most. As an extra bonus, those teachers offered extra supplies to the first-year teachers in the group. How awesome is that?

3. Ask parent volunteers to pass out packs

If you have parents in the building helping out with reading groups or lunch duty, offer them the opportunity to hand out the packs! They’ll get to know more teachers at the school while doing a task that is sure to bring lots of smiles and hugs. And did you know that parents can also help Alpaca write thank-you notes with our Thank You Crew? Get in touch if you’re interested in more info!

4. Hand out Alpaca packs at your next staff meeting! 

Some principals combine their packs with snacks and treats at their staff meeting, to create a festive, fun environment for your team meeting. Having all the packs sitting at people’s seats for the meeting waiting to greet them can be a delightful way to kick off your meeting.

5. Share the “unboxing” experience with your students!

A few teachers make our day every month with the videos they share of opening up their Alpaca packs with their students! Kids LOVE discovering what’s in the pack, and teachers love sharing with kids how they might use some of the items they got. Check out this awesome unboxing video if you need a little inspiration!

You don’t need to hear it from us that creating a fun, inspiring, and joyful experience improves morale in your building and makes the week go a little faster! We hope these packs will be part of that great experience for your teachers, and that you’ll share with us how you surprise your teams! 

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