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Brittny Jordan: From Classroom Teacher to Business Owner

Alissa Christensen
April 9, 2024

Brittny Jordan’s transition from a dedicated classroom teacher to a thriving entrepreneur is a testament to her commitment to education. From her early days in the classroom to founding The Good Teacher Co, her story is one of innovation, positivity, and creativity.

Teaching Experience

Brittny was drawn to primary grades and began her teaching experience in Kindergarten. She created a warm classroom environment where every student had the chance to shine and grow. Her consistent positive and supportive environment allowed her to form strong relationships with her students. "I wanted them to walk out of my classroom with skills that would serve them well for years to come," Brittny shared. Constantly adapting to meet her students' needs and leading with positive reinforcement is a strength of Brittny’s. “I changed my classroom to be based on positive reinforcement, and it was the biggest shift in my classroom culture.” As she moved into other educational roles, Brittny carried the same spirit of innovation with her, ensuring that every student continued to have the opportunity to thrive.

Entrepreneurial Venture: The Good Teacher Co.

Brittny's entrepreneurial journey began with crafting a simple door wreath for her mom. "Next, I began creating T-shirts for myself, then extended to my team and fellow teachers at my school! What started as a hobby soon spiraled into a variety of designs and products," Brittny reminisced. From T-shirts to drinkware, stationary, and stickers—all tailored to the tastes of educators—her venture continued to flourish.

Encouraged by the positive response to her creations, Brittny decided to share her unique designs with a broader audience. She began selling at a Farmers Market, where her products quickly captured the attention of eager customers. Brittny then took the leap onto Etsy and used social media to amplify her brand and connect with fellow educators around the globe. 

When asked about her creative process, Brittny revealed, "I'm always keeping an eye on what's trending. Sometimes, inspiration strikes, and I'll make 5-7 designs in a burst of creativity, but then it can be quiet for months." Despite the ebbs and flows, Brittny dedicates her evenings to crafting new designs and building up her inventory. Today, The Good Teacher Co. continues to thrive, offering a diverse range of fun and imaginative products that inspire educators worldwide.

Whether she’s crafting a new design or leading a group of students, Brittny remains committed to her mission of shaping the future of education, one innovative idea at a time.

We’re SO thrilled to have a custom set of pencils from The Good Teacher Co. included in the March Alpaca pack! Each pack comes with pencils that read “You’re Amazing!”, in a variety of Alpaca colors. We love sharing these delightful supplies from The Good Teacher Co. with Alpaca educators, all while supporting a teacher-run business! Be sure to check out Brittny’s site at thegoodteacherco.com to explore her entire range of products!

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