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What a teacher needs refilled monthly, quarterly, yearly, & always

Leigh Dunn
August 24, 2023

You’ve all seen the list that comes home once a year before the school year starts, with the necessities we need for our classrooms. We are so grateful to see those brimming bags of supplies every August, but if we’re being honest, those supplies run out more quickly than you’d think! If you’re wondering how to help a teacher throughout the year, here’s the list of what we need, and how often we need it, straight from the source! 



The brand does matter. If I receive generic pencils, I hide them in the back for the “In Case of Emergency” stash. These break our sharpeners and are, well…junk. Ticonderoga brand is the best. If they’re already sharpened, bonus!  

Snacks for the classroom

Some of our students are food insecure. Having snacks on hand is a huge help! Consider nut-free options, such as Goldfish, granola bars, pretzels, apples, and oranges.  Teachers easily slide a snack to kids who need one. When tummies are full, learning can happen! 

Post-it Notes

Teachers are obsessed with two things: fancy pens and Post-it Notes. The brand does matter here as well. We use these to dogear teacher manuals, write notes to students, or  mark parts of speech in books. Post-its are life!  


Clorox Wipes

We are usually fine with the August stash… until about October. When the weather gets cooler, runny noses begin. Absences increase, and we begin to sanitize our desks and supplies more often. Name brand does not necessarily matter here, as long as they are disinfectant wipes.  

Crayola Crayons

Crayons get broken or lost. Brand absolutely matters here! Crayola is simply the best, and a 24-pack will do. Every kid loves a beautiful new pack of crayons! 


Expo Markers

These are items we often won’t put on the supply list. Most teachers have a white board and purchase these markers out of their own pockets. A large pack with a variety of colors should last the entire year. Using color to teach on the white board makes a difference!  

Post-it Posters

Most teachers have access to “old school” newsprint posters to use in their classrooms for large charts. Do you know what would make us giddy? These fancy Post-it posters. They’re like a giant poster-sized Post-it note that we can put literally anywhere in the classroom without damaging walls. A dream!

Mr. Sketch Markers

Psst - want to know what’s hard to spice up sometimes?? Yep, it’s math. I use these markers every day to grade  math papers, and the kids jump out of their seats for it. Grading papers with scented markers is no longer a thing of the 80’s. Delight your child’s teacher with a pack of these and make their day!  


Pencil Top Erasers 

Remember those dreamy pencils listed above? Kids chew the tops off of them. Or aliens snap them off. Either way, the erasers are disappearing off pencils. Having an endless supply of these pencil top erasers would save us so. Much. Time. 

There you have it! Some of these items need replenishing more often but use this and refill with confidence. Don’t hesitate to reach out to teachers to see what we truly need. Getting specific donations is such a huge help. We couldn’t do it without you

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