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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

Your secret to awesome teacher recognition

Collaborate, Create, Celebrate Workshop

Watch the 1-hour workshop recording

Miss the live workshop? Never fear! Get access to the full 1-hour Collaborate, Create, Celebrate Workshop presented by Alpaca and Talesha Savage! Build a 6-month celebration plan to be set up for a semester of celebration success!

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

Does teacher recognition sometimes fall off your long to do list?

All of us want to celebrate our staff but planning ahead is key! Our 6 month celebration planner helps you stay on top of it!

Alpaca's Customer Success Specialist, Alissa Christensen, and education leadership consultant and former school leader, Talesha Savage, will walk you through creating a celebration plan fit for your specific school.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

Dream big & identify your staff’s celebration style

To kick things off, you'll identify your staff's celebration style in a fun (yes, we promise it's FUN) set of exercises!

Create a 6-month strategy & outline

Let's get organized and make a plan (with expert guidance and ideas)! After all, effective recognition programs should operate seamlessly while maintaining easy organization for you along the way!

Make a weekly plan (with action steps) & get ready to celebrate!

Get ready to leave this workshop with an exciting, action-oriented plan that will lead you in to the second half of the school year feeling ahead of the game!