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Guide: 4 Steps to Ensuring Clarity in Expectations

Set clear and actionable expectations for your staff using this 4-step approach, laying the groundwork for a positive and supportive workplace environment.

Setting clear and practical expectations as a school leader promotes a positive work environment for staff. When everyone understands what's expected of them, there's less room for confusion and conflict, promoting better communication, collaboration, and accountability among staff members. Use our guide full of tips and tricks, plus a template to use at your next staff meeting!

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

How it works

Set your staff up for success with clear expectations, fostering a respectful and supportive environment. Check out this resource packed with benefits, ideas to try, and a printable template!

What's included

Our 4-step process to ensure clarity in expectations, ways to gather staff input and examples, and a printable template to use!