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Icebreaker: Quick Quarterly Questions

This quick activity will recognize accomplishments, celebrate your team, and give insights to you as a school leader!

We put together four simple and quick questions for your team (or students) to reflect on the past month, quarter, or semester. A simple activity to recognize your staff, set goals, and motivate your team!

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

How it works


1. Print the response cards and signs and set them out during a staff meeting.

2. Show your staff the four prompts and have them complete one (or more) response for each!

3. Once staff complete their responses, they will place them next to the corresponding sign!

4. After everyone is finished, read them aloud and use them in future coaching visits!

What's included

How-to guide, four intentional questions to display, response cards, and signs to place around the room.