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Icebreaker: School Scategories

Try out this icebreaker at your upcoming staff meeting! Foster some friendly competition and celebration by downloading our free template. Provide an overview of the rules for a lively and engaging game.

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

How it works


1. Print enough copies of the page below for your staff and distribute one to each person.

2. Choose a letter or have a staff member make the selection.

3. Set a timer for three minutes and instruct your staff to fill out as many categories as they can using the chosen letter. No repeating answers!

4. At the end of the round, have each player share their answers. Players earn one point for each unique answer, with double points awarded for alliterations!

5. If two participants provided the same answer, neither receives points for that response.

6. The player with the highest points at the end of the game or round is the winner. Select another letter and play again!

What's included

A fun and engaging game to promote friendly competition at your next staff meeting!