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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

Your secret to awesome teacher recognition

Step-By-Step Celebration Planner!

A FREE resource to plan staff celebrations for the year

Who has time for figuring out teacher recognition programs every month?! No one! That’s why we made this super-simple, step-by-step planner that will help you recognize every team member in your building this year. No late-night trips to buy gift cards, no team member left behind!

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

How to Use this Planner

When you’re ready to create a simple celebration plan for your staff this year, start here! With our planner, you’ll find a guide plus helpful resources to do these six steps: 

  1. Make a plan. 
  2. Talk to your team. 
  3. Choose great rewards. 
  4. Emphasize equity. 
  5. Make it personal. 
  6. Make it fun!

What’s Included

  • Our mobile-ready OR printable 6-step planner
  • A printable calendar with ideas for every month
  • A template for your school’s perfect celebration plan