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Building Bright Futures: Nacole Weathersby's Dedication to Student Achievement

Alissa Christensen
May 1, 2024

Nacole Weathersby is a dedicated educator from Woodward Academy in Iowa. Her role of lead teacher and testing coordinator ensures that each of her students has the opportunity to succeed in their program.

From passion to purpose:

Weathersby's journey into education began long before she arrived at Woodward Academy. With a background in early childhood and a passion for helping students overcome obstacles, she was drawn to the academy's mission of supporting students who are behind in their academic progress. 

Through her efforts, she has guided close to a hundred students to graduation, many of whom had previously given up on their education. "These are kids that would have never thought they would have graduated," she remarks. Weathersby's approach involves creating tailored curriculums and offering individualized support to each of her students, ensuring their academic growth.

Tailored Support and Resources:

Recognizing the individual needs of her students, Weathersby employs personalized approaches to education. Whether it's offering additional help in math and reading or inspiring motivation through affirmations and rewards, she guarantees that every student gets the necessary support to thrive. "Even older kids like stickers; you'd be surprised how much it motivates them,” she noted.

Weathersby is also at the forefront of initiatives like the Co-op program, which provides on-the-job training and employment chances right on campus. "I'm thrilled about our program because often students are unsure where to begin after leaving school. This program offers them real-world experience for the workforce," she explains. Weathersby emphasizes the importance of understanding her students' interests and career aspirations throughout their journey together, adding, "I love learning about their passions and aspirations and guiding them towards a fitting career path."

Building Relationships:

At the core of Weathersby's success is her ability to create strong bonds with her students. By nurturing trust and boosting their confidence, she inspires them to strive for success. "I won't let them give up," says Weathersby, stressing the importance of trust-building. "Some students have never experienced a trusting relationship, so that's important to me."

Weathersby also spearheads an annual art contest every February in honor of Black History Month. This event brings the school community together, allowing students to exhibit their artistic flair. With chances to win prizes for their creations, Weathersby expresses, “We love watching them explore their interests and celebrating their achievements."

Nacole Weathersby's incredible commitment to her students at Woodward Academy shows how personalized education and unwavering support can make a real difference. By empowering her students and pushing them to excel academically, she's inspiring a whole generation to overcome challenges and aim high.

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