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Extraordinary Educators

More than math: How Mr. Royuk mentors his students for post-secondary success

Alissa Christensen
May 15, 2024

Kyle Royuk stands out as an extraordinary educator, weaving together mathematical principles and life lessons. His commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, instilling resilience, and fostering a growth mindset have left a significant impact in the halls of Seward High. As students pass through his classroom, they gain proficiency in math and leave ready to start their next journey. 

A Reluctant Beginning

Mr. Royuk's path to becoming an educator was unexpected. “As a child, I told myself I would never be a teacher. My mom was an elementary teacher, and I used to watch her grade papers, thinking, ‘this isn't for me.’" However, he found his calling through a series of experiences in coaching and a growing passion for serving others.

A past student nominated him for Extraordinary Educators, saying that “I wanted to shout out Mr. Royuk of Seward High School for inspiring me to become a math educator. Through his teaching style and from having him as a coach, he showed me that learning math can be fun!! Shoutout Mr. Royuk!”

Beyond the Numbers

While Mr. Royuk is undoubtedly a fantastic math teacher, his commitment goes beyond equations and theorems. He envisions education as a means to shape individuals, instilling problem-solving skills and a mindset of continuous growth. He puts it this way: “I want students to become more resilient people, to learn how to work hard, how to work with others, and build characteristics that will last a lifetime."

Mr. Royuk emphasizes embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth. He encourages students to learn from their errors and to dream big. 

Classroom Environment

Reflecting on his own educational journey, Mr. Royuk credits his seventh-grade teacher, Mr. Hobus, as his favorite. “He made everything hands-on and interactive. I remember feeling like he truly cared about me as a student and person. I try my best to emulate that with my students.”

By getting to know his students beyond their academic abilities, he creates a safe and positive space for learning. Incorporating brain breaks, personal notes, and activities to build connections, he ensures that his classroom is not just a place for math but a community that supports growth.

Mr. Royuk creates an environment where students not only learn from him but also from each other. “My room is arranged in pods, so students sit in groups. I'm a big believer in working with others. While they are collaborating on different problems, I love to walk around and listen to their conversation.” Technology is a big part of Mr. Royuk’s classroom environment. Chromebooks, online assignments, and educational games like Kahoot! and GimKit are all part of his toolkit. “My students are competitive and love games; I try to tap into their interests as much as I can and still integrate math.”

Kyle Royuk's teaching journey proves that education is about more than just numbers. Thanks to his innovative approach and personal investment in each student, they leave his classroom with math skills and the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way.

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