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Want to delight an elementary school teacher?

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

Here are five items our teachers say they love the most!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your teacher, we’ve got your back. We survey every teacher we work with to hear about what supplies they love the most, what they don’t need, what they spend their own money on, and what brands they choose! If you’re putting together a gift, grab a few of these items (just NO waxy crayons – trust us!) and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Expo or Crayola Take Note dry erase markers.
    Especially the colorful ones! Crayola’s dry erase markers also have a helpful “window” so you know when you’re close to running low. Some of our art teachers swear by these!

  2. Ink Joy Pens (in many colors!)

If you want to know the way to your teacher’s heart, it’s a beautiful pen. Really! Ink Joys are the clear favorite, but Le Pen and Papermate Flair Felt Tips are close runners up. You can’t go wrong with a rainbow array of high quality pens. Promise.

  1. Post-it Brand Sticky Notes
    Yep, the brand matters here. Teachers love the stickiness of these notes, and they use them for everything – notes home with kids, reminders for grading, notes to other teachers, and classroom activities. Splurge for the fun colors and designs, and you’ll be the hero of your classroom.

  2. High Quality Facial Tissue
    The brand is less important here, but the quality matters. Let’s face it: your teacher is exposed to every bug and cold that every kid brings into their classroom. Treat them to a few boxes of tissues that you’d choose for yourself!

  3. A Lovely Notebook
    Dot grid, lined, blank – every teacher has their favorite. Ask them sometime, and then surprise them with their favorite. Brands like Public-Supply are especially wonderful, since they put some of their proceeds back into public schools. Take note: a great journal or notebook, combined with a few beautiful pens (see #2) makes the perfect teacher appreciation gift. 

If you’re short on time, money, or inspiration, consider this: a handwritten thank you note. Our teachers tell us they love the personal notes of appreciation from their students’ families more than anything else.

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