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What's in the Pack: January!

Kaitlynn Kool
January 23, 2024

January is a great month to set new goals and think about personal growth, and this month’s pack is all about setting YOU up for success with SMART Goals! What are SMART Goals, and what makes them more effective? This framework provides a roadmap for personal and professional growth, enhances motivation, and helps you be more intentional in your role as an educator. Each item in this month’s pack is designed to help you and your staff as you set your SMART Goals for the coming year!

SMART Goals should be specific, so we included a pocket-sized notebook from Public Supply for teachers to brainstorm and jot down their goals with. Use this notebook to set goals that define clear and specific objectives, ensuring that everyone involved understands what is expected and the role they play! 

Your goals should be measurable! By using specific and measurable criteria, educators can easily track their goals, making it simpler to determine whether they've achieved their goals. Use the wooden ruler in this month’s pack to make it easy to map out the plans you make to achieve your goals!

The SMART Goals framework encourages educators to set realistic and achievable goals, so we included some nutritious snacks and gold star stickers to reward yourself (or your students) on a job well done! 

Every SMART goal should be relevant. As educators, there are so many things you could prioritize – so finding the goals that most align with your school's, district’s and your own personal objectives is key. This beautiful set of BIC highlighters will help you narrow down the best and most relevant goals on your list.

Establishing a timeframe for achieving goals promotes a sense of urgency, helps educators manage their time effectively, and prevents procrastination! Setting goals that are time-based sets you up for greater success! To make it easier to stay on track with your goals, we included the world’s cutest timer! Who doesn’t want their goals tracked by a bright red tomato?!

Happy goal-setting! For more information on SMART Goals, check out this blog post where we further break down the SMART framework. We’d love to see how you use the contents of this pack to set your own goals for the year! Share the pack on social media with the hashtag #HappyAlpacaDay and tag us!

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