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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack

What's in the Pack: September

Kaitlynn Kool
September 21, 2023

The September Pack is all about celebrating your space! When you're an educator, the space where you teach is important! Whether it be the classroom or your office, your space sets the mood for the day, welcomes students to school, and acts as a safe place for learning. Classrooms are as unique as the educators who create them. Let's celebrate the space you create, and offer some ideas and new tricks and tips to help make your space amazing!

Alpaca educators received a pack full of goodies to spark inspiration and bring some color to their spaces! Let’s take a peek! 

Introducing a new Alpaca resource, we’ve included a set of Celebration Notes, because we know little notes of encouragement can go a LONG way. Teachers can use these as a note of gratitude, or just to say hello to a fellow teacher, principal, or family member. When you run out, head over to our resources page to download and print more from the comfort of your own classroom! 

In the supplies category, there's a pack of color-changing Take Note pens from our friends at Crayola! There's also a selection of colorful magnets, velcro dots, a rubber band ball, and some Tic Tacs! Top it all off with a handwritten thank-you note, Alpaca educators are equipped with some incredible supplies to spruce up their space! We can’t wait to see how you use this month’s pack contents, share the pack on social media with the hashtag #HappyAlpacaDay and tag us!

Interested in getting these packs and bringing Alpaca to your school? Let’s chat! 

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