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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack

Teachers hold us all together in September!

Kimberly Bailey
August 24, 2023

We are so excited to share our September packs with you! Support from parents and community members is the only way we were able to deliver Alpaca packs to more than 800 teachers this month. Can you believe it?! 

But let’s get to it – we can’t wait to show you what teachers got, what teachers thought, and how parents and community members are making a difference! 

What teachers got

This month, our packs were designed by longtime Omaha educator Morgan Grot. Morgan knows how important it is to teachers to be able to hang up posters, build great bulletin boards, and organize their classrooms at the beginning of the year, so she designed our “Teachers Hold us All Together” pack, filled with every teacher’s favorite classroom organization tools! 

First, every teacher got a brand new hot glue gun and glue sticks! We added to that high end tape (that doesn’t take paint off the walls), velcro adhesives, colorful magnets, beautiful paper clips and some surprise goodies to support those beautiful bulletin boards! Our Pen of the Month was the Flair pen – a longtime favorite of Alpaca teachers. We also added to all of that a specialty item through our NEW partnership with Crayola: Take Note Dry Erase products. The pack came together beautifully with a hand-written thank you note to top it off!

We loved this pack because its items were a little less common - we would never have known how much teachers need high quality tape, great magnets, and best-in-class dry erase, but thanks to teacher-curated packs, we get it now! 

What teachers thought

Wow, you wanna delight a teacher? Give them a glue gun and some dry erase crayons. Holy moly, did they love these packs! Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what they had to say: 

How you’re making a difference

Did you know that every single parent subscription is matched 1 for 1 for a school in underserved communities in Omaha? For some schools, an active parents group or teacher appreciation gifts are just not as common. Thanks to Alpaca’s awesome partners, every subscription is being matched every single month to make sure that Alpaca is for ALL teachers. 

This month, you supported 811 teachers at 25 Omaha elementary schools. 

More than 70% of Alpaca schools are Title I schools (that means that a high percentage of students receive free or reduced lunch, and are generally in lower income communities). Teachers at ALL of our schools are working so hard, and your support means so much! 

Would you share this? 

Here’s what we know: the BEST way to get more support for each of our Alpaca schools is to share it with people on social media! A quick note to say “Teachers at our school love getting these packs - here’s how to support them!” goes a long way! 

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