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What’s in the Pack


Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

One of our favorite things at Alpaca is hearing the incredibly creative ways teachers solve problems, make great (and innovative) use of resources, and reach kids! Thanks to the amazing Alpaca supporters, parent subscribers, and district partners, our teachers got a GREAT pack this month. Let's dig in!

What they got

We really packed this one! This month, our teacher contributors chose fun, creative items to pair with teachers' favorite Crayola products, all to bring a little color to upcoming lessons! Teachers received a box bursting full with creative items like googly eyes, mini erasers, dry erase markers, wiki sticks, tempera paint sticks (yes, paint comes in a stick!!), and well, a lot of feathers. We paired those with dry erase sleeves that teachers use for their lessons, some stickers for grading papers, Mr. Sketch markers (remember those?!), and a full pack of Crayola dry erase markers or gel pens to top off the pack.

Oh, and we didn’t forget that October is the month for parent-teacher conferences! Our friends at Nibbs Chocolates figured our teachers could use a little extra “jolt,” so they sent along their famous Caramel Cold Brew Coffee squares. Thanks, Nibbs!

Of course, every pack came with a handwritten thank you card, written by one of our parent and community supporters.

What they thought

Teachers LOVED the October pack and all of it's color and creativity. We got pictures of teachers using the items for their classroom lessons, bringing some new tools to make learning fun. Here's just a glimpse of what they shared with us:

We can't wait to see you next month, teachers!! Thank you for your creativity! 

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