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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack

Our BIG Back to School packs were a huge hit!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

Alpaca kicked off the new school year with 20 incredible schools and 700 extraordinary teachers! We also launched Alpaca for All, a program to match every parent subscription, dollar for dollar. You’ve got that right: now, every Alpaca dollar is matched 1 for 1 for the schools who need it most right here in Omaha.

We know that it’s important to you to know how your dollars are spent — so we’ll send you this email every month to let you know what your teachers got, what they thought, and how we can all continue to support teachers. Here we go!

What Your Teachers Got

In August, teachers get our Back to School triple-pack — a HUGE pack of supplies that supports teachers as they’re setting up their classrooms with lots of necessities, classroom organization items, and of course, a little appreciation!

Our pack kicked off with a prize box for every classroom — filled with the stickers, fidgets, and prizes that teachers use to incentivize students and build positive classroom energy! Just for fun, we launched a little “prize box decoration” contest with our teachers and got some awesome entries!

Teachers also received Clorox Wipes (the good stuff!), a big container of hand lotion for their classroom (this is one of our most requested items!), classroom organization pouches, and pads of Astrobrights card stock in a rainbow of colors. We added an 8 pack of sharpies to the pack to kick off the year with a great set of pens. And on top of that, teachers also got an additional set of markers, pencils, or Colors of the World crayons!

Of course, our pack is never complete without a handwritten thank you note, and our amazing parents and community members wrote 700 notes for our teachers. Those notes go a long way!

What Teachers Thought

For a lot of teachers, this was their very first Alpaca pack, and they were THRILLED and surprised by your amazing support! Here are just a few things we heard:

In the News

We were lucky enough to have KETV follow along for our deliveries this August, so you can see how excited teachers were on this great news piece!

What’s Coming Up

Our September packs are going to be a lot of fun — they are curated and designed by real teachers, and will bring the real stuff teachers need to keep their classrooms running smoothly. Wait until you see all the beautiful things they're getting in next month's pack!

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