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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack


Lauren Muller
August 24, 2023

What sparks YOUR curiosity?

Have you seen Omaha’s brand new science museum Kiewit Luminarium? We are beyond excited for the opportunities this innovative museum offers students, families and educators, so we couldn’t think of a better partner for our April pack, focused on something educators know a lot about: CURIOSITY!

This pack is chock full of some really fun items to spark curiosity in the classroom. Our friends at the Luminarium chose a fantastic project for teachers to try in their classrooms: Soap Bubble Prisms! We made sure all the materials for that project (and so many more!) are in this month’s pack. Our team couldn’t resist taking some time to play with the materials ourselves!

What's in the pack

In addition to materials for the soap bubble prism STEM project (bubble concentrate along with plenty of straws and pipe cleaners for the whole class) we included other fun items to spark curiosity in the classroom like: Mr. Sketch scented markers, packages of rainbow popsicle sticks, Elmer’s Glue and Pop Rocks. The most exciting element this month though, is a ticket to Educator Night at the Kiewit Luminarium!

The Luminarium is opening one night only JUST for Alpaca teachers! An evening for educators to hang out, explore the museum and be celebrated!

What teachers thought

As usual, this pack was a huge hit with Alpaca teachers! We’re already receiving RSVPs for the Luminarium event and we are so excited to celebrate the extraordinary educators that light up our worlds! 

Be a part of the joy!

We had so many great helpers this month! If you're interested in joining us for a delivery or packout, just send us a note! We'd love to host your team for the most feel-good team building experience you can imagine.

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