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What’s in the Pack

The Alpaca Holiday Gift Pack

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

Wondering what’s in the Alpaca Holiday pack?

The wait is over. We are so excited to tell you what your teacher is getting in the holiday gift pack! 

For this year’s Holiday Gift Pack, we partnered with some truly incredible brands who are excited to support teachers with some beautiful gifts. Each pack will have unique styles, colors, and exact offerings, but every pack has the same value (more than $45 of stuff!) and each will delight your teacher. Let’s show you what’s in the pack! 

  • Public Supply Notebooks: These notebooks are a Teacher Favorite! Beautiful paper in vibrant cover colors, and backed by an awesome mission. This amazing company gives 25% of all of their profits to projects that support arts in public schools. Read more about the impact they’re making here!

  • Hardy Coffee: Each teacher is getting a generous bag of this delicious, locally roasted coffee from Omaha, Nebraska. Hardy has been an early supporter of Alpaca’s mission to take care of teachers and they know –coffee is one of their most requested items!

  • Talking out of Turn Pens: This lovely, irreverent, and joyful company fulfills every bit of our “supplies and delight” mission around here! Talking out of Turn (aka TOOT!) makes stationery and office supplies that bring a little humor and joy into your day. And what teacher doesn’t need that?
  • Organization Pouches from Alpaca: We searched high and low for the perfect classroom organization pack – lightweight and foldable, bright and colorful, multi-use and durable. When we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, we designed our own! Teachers love classroom organization items for a multitude of uses!

  • Twinkle Lights from Perfect Holiday: These darling twinkle lights are at the top of the list of teacher requests. Why twinkle lights? Because teachers use them to create learning spaces in their classroom that are warm and inviting. When teachers have reading nooks, sensory spaces, or “take a break” spaces in their classrooms, kids have an inviting space to learn.  

Like what you see? There's still time to order an Alpaca Holiday Gift Pack today!! 20% through December 2.

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