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Our very first pack delivery!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

Our very first Alpaca packs landed at Washington this week! We sent 27 packs to teachers in this first ever Alpaca shipment.


We shipped a fun and useful first pack for our teachers this week, focused on the top things teachers mentioned in our survey about what they spend their own money on. Here's what we sent!

  • Expo Dry Erase Markers
  • Index Cards (in 2 sizes)
  • Hand Lotion -- (shout-out to the PTO for letting us know about this need!)
  • LOTS of stickers for classroom incentives and prize boxes (including a pretty cute alpaca sticker!)
  • Pencils for the classroom
  • Washi tape in fun colors
  • Our signature (adorable) alpaca erasers
  • A handwritten note thanking our teachers for all they do!


Right now, we have 17 families subscribed to Alpaca, with an average of $7 in subscriptions for every Washington teacher. And here's the awesome news -- this month, we were able to deliver more than $13 worth of supplies to every teacher!

We were pretty excited to see those first packs in the wild. But don't take it from me -  here's a note from a Washington teacher:

"Alpaca is WONDERFUL!!!!!  Please know that the packages are adorable, well planned and perfect timing. Washington is a better place because of Alpaca."  


We are just getting started. The BEST thing we can do to help us get awesome supplies to teachers is to get more parents and friends to subscribe.

Please encourage your fellow Washington friends and family (and alumni!) to subscribe to Alpaca. Even $5/month makes a huge difference. Just send folks to www.alpacapacks.com and they can subscribe to Washington right there.

See you in February -- we've got an AWESOME "We Love Teachers" pack in the works!

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