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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack

What's in the Pack: May 2024

Kaitlynn Kool
May 20, 2024

Summer break is on the horizon, and students and teachers alike are reflecting back on the hard work and strong connections they’ve made this year. Just in time – the final Alpaca packs of the school year have landed!

This month's pack is all about celebrating an amazing school year and getting teachers ready for summer break. This care package contains gear, goodies, and gratitude to help educators wrap up their school year, get set up for a restful summer, and celebrate all the accomplishments from the year. Take a peek inside!

This pack’s theme is Celebrate Your Impact! Educators received a set of colorful balloons to use in their classroom to celebrate the last few days of school, along with some fun student incentive gifts to reward them on a job well done. A new, versatile stylus pen will help with summer planning for the year ahead.  Kick back and snack on some popcorn from Colby Ridge during the whirlwind that comes with the last few days of the school year, and stay hydrated as the temps rise outside with a new Alpaca water bottle!

We love seeing how Alpaca educators use the items in their packs! Tag us on social media @_alpacapacks and show us how YOU celebrated the last days of school with your class!

Wanna bring the celebration to your school? We’d love to chat and learn about the amazing things happening at your school! Book a meeting with us to build a teacher recognition program perfectly fit for your school or district today!

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