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What’s in the Pack


Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023


We know Crayola is the #1 favorite brand of Alpaca teachers, so we asked our friends at Crayola to help us create a fantastic pack for March. This month’s pack is full of some classic Crayola favorites, as well as some new products to fuel creativity! Let's take a look!

What they got

When it’s cold and cloudy outside, there is one place where the sun shines bright: teachers' amazing classrooms! This month, we wanted to bring something bright, colorful, and creative to brighten our teachers' days and inspire creativity!

The March pack theme was "Teachers Brighten Our Days!" And this pack really brought the BRIGHT! This month's pack included five different Crayola products: Take Note dry erase markers, glitter glue, modeling clay, watercolor paints, and colored pencils! It's a Crayola color bomb! Alongside these classics, we packed some crafting supplies (pop poms!) and a little candy drawer refresh, too.

We love telling you about the pack. But honestly, you have to hear a teacher unboxing this pack (along with her students!) to really get the full effect of how excited teachers are about this pack.

What they thought

As usual, this pack was a huge hit with Alpaca teachers! Sometimes, a fresh supply of dry erase markers is exactly what you need right in the middle of March. Teachers shared with us the fun craft projects they did in their classrooms, what they thought of the packs, and how grateful they are to the community members who sponsor these!

See the joy first hand

At three of our newest schools, our corporate sponsor Fusion Medical Staffing got to see the joy first hand! Check out our video and blog post about their visit. And if you're interested in joining us for a delivery or packout, just send us a note! We'd love to host your team for the most feel-good team building experience you can imagine.

See you next month, Alpaca supporters!

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