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What’s in the Pack

What's in the Pack: November

Lauren Muller
November 15, 2023

November’s pack theme is: FUEL YOUR BEST WORK! Investing in your nourishment as a teacher is important to your own physical, mental, and emotional health. But it's not always easy! For all the moments you can't quite make it to the cafeteria, forgot your lunch at home (who hasn't!), or just need a pick-me-up, this pack's got your back.

We have included crowd-favorite snacks like Made Good Granola Minis, Goldfish and fig bars, as well as Annie’s Mac N Cheese! Treat yourself to a coffee from our friends at Hardy Coffee Co in addition to a package of their Benchmark beans ground and ready for brewing. 

Tis the season for tissues, and teachers can never have enough! All of these items are packaged inside a fantastic reusable lunch bag ready to be personalized with the included sharpies in a variety of sizes and colors. Check out some fun inspiration from Alpaca educator, Mrs. Kennedy!

To round out this pack, we’ve created Little Wins for Wellbeing. We understand that educators are short on time, that’s why we are starting small with 1-minute tricks to improve your day! We hope this can be your go-to checklist for creating personal little wins that add up to make a big impact!

We can’t wait to see this pack in use. Share the pack on social media with the hashtag #HappyAlpacaDay and tag us!

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