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August Update: 20 New Schools!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

Alpaca is kicking off the new school year with BIG news: 20 incredible schools (and 700 extraordinary teachers), a program to match every parent subscription 1 for 1, and the awesome things parents are doing to bring Alpaca to their schools. 

Read all about it, and then come see us this month around town!

Alpaca welcomes 20 amazing schools to the pack! 

What can we say, it’s been a busy summer. And now, 20 Alpaca schools are kicking off a new school year with us! We're so excited for this group of schools as they span all over Omaha with teachers and families from all walks of life! A subscription at any amount means that teachers at these schools will get monthly packs of gear, goodies, and gratitude. (And nope, you don’t have to be a parent at the school to subscribe - you just have to be ready to support teachers!)

Our back to school packs were a hit!

We couldn’t have been more excited to deliver our BIG back to school packs, in time for every Alpaca school teacher to return to their classrooms. At Kellom Elementary, we got the chance to see teachers open their very first Alpaca packs - priceless!

Parents show how easy it is to be an Alpaca school

This month, more than 120 parents and community members supported their teachers through Alpaca. We are incredibly grateful for this community: from writing thank-you notes to getting Alpaca started at your schools – you are making support for your teachers happen. If you’d like to see how easy it is, check out this quick video, featuring Denise Powell, an Alpaca Parent and head of the PTO at Western Hills Elementary!

Alpaca for All ensures every parent subscription is matched 1 for 1 for schools in need

Thanks to generous support from our community members, we’re launching Alpaca for All this month, a fund to bring Alpaca to schools who need it the most. The fund is supported by local businesses and foundations who partner with us to match every Alpaca subscription, dollar for dollar. If you’d like to learn more, become an Alpaca for All partner, or just see how far your dollars can go, we hope you’ll reach out! This is a game changer!

Come see us at Dundee Day and Hutchfest!

Alpaca is coming to a festival near you! We got to meet so many of you at the OPS Back to School bash, and we can’t wait to meet you and your kids this month at Dundee Day and Hutchfest! Stop by, grab some stickers, and support your teachers! (Oh, and if you are a teacher, let us know - we’ve got something for ya!)

Thank you for all the support this month! 

Over 30 community members came together in Alpaca’s space during the first week of the month to help prep, organize, and pack the jam-packed Back to School packs. We can’t say thank you enough for bringing amazing energy and excitement into our space in service of supporting Omaha teachers. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

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