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Fusion Medical Staffing Partners with Alpaca

Kimberly Bailey
August 24, 2023

Team building + happy hour to support teachers? Sign us up!

The team at Fusion Medical Staffing made a great day of a recent team-building experience, joining Alpaca to create and deliver packs of gear, goodies, and gratitude to teachers at Holy Name, All Saints, and Sacred Heart, the three schools that Fusion sponsors to receive Alpaca every month. The video says it all!

The team joined Alpaca to build out beautiful packs of supplies for our March pack, and then got a chance to deliver them directly to the teachers, and see the impact of their work. Jill Adkins, Community Engagement Manager at Fusion says: 

“As a healthcare staffing company, the team at Fusion knows the importance of frontline professions. We are consistently working to support healthcare travelers and other crucial professionals like teachers. By working with Alpaca, we have been able to build a better understanding of our travelers’ experiences while fulfilling our core purpose: To ensure everyone we touch has a better life.”

When team-building experiences build empathy for your customers, your company wins too. Alpaca is so excited to continue to build local and national partnerships with companies like Fusion.

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