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BIG news: Alpaca is coming to every Omaha Public Schools teacher!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

When we set out to build this company in January of 2022, supporting 27 teachers at one school, we couldn't imagine what a partnership to support an entire district might look like. Today, we are a little closer to truly realizing our mission of "Alpaca for All" with a new partnership we're excited to share.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Omaha Public Schools district! Support from Omaha Public Schools will ensure that Alpaca packs get to every single OPS elementary teacher every month this year. We are grateful to work with Nebraska's largest school district, and so excited that in November, 2022, Alpaca will reach 2,600 teachers at 70 area schools.

In October, we started delivering packs to dozens more OPS schools. In November, we'll deliver packs to every single OPS elementary teacher!

Alpaca started this company as a small project, with one OPS school. Through word of mouth from parents and teachers, it quickly grew to a 5-school pilot, all with OPS schools. What we've learned early on from OPS principals, teachers, and parents has been foundational to how we are building Alpaca, what goes in the packs each month, and how we work to listen to teachers every day. OPS parents have paved the way for this program, contributing their incredible ideas, dollars, and hard work to create a new way for parents and community members to connect with their schools. So it's a big moment for us to ensure that every elementary teacher in OPS will now benefit from the OPS principals, teachers, and parents who have built this little idea into something that is growing fast!

If your district is ready to talk about a partnership, we hope you'll get in touch. Send us a note and we'll get the process started. Our goal is Alpaca for every teacher, and we can't wait to meet you.

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